Growers & Suppliers Of All Turf Varieties. Compost. Hydroseeding. All Areas.

About Us

At Instant Turf, we are passionate about what we do and what we sell. We’ve been in business since 1995, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We supply various types of grass including kikuyu, cynodon, buffalo, berea and anti-erosion vetiver grass. We work and deliver throughout South Africa, doing the final raking, composting and installation.

Fully supervised.

Site visits – No Charge.

Our Supply.
TURF - Homegrown on our farm. COMPOST- Sieved and bagged on the farm.

Hydroseeding - water based application of seed to counteract soil erosion as per site requirements after a site inspection.

VAT, WCA, BEE, UIF registered and rated.

We serve the general public, domestic homes, and small customers, as well as companies.

Varieties currently in stock: Kikuyu, Cynodon, Buffalo, Berea. Vetiver Gromix- Compost, Lawn Dressing, Chicken Litter, Potting Medium and Bark.

Service on installation - Final raking, spreading of compost, installing and rolling of grass.

Vetiver grass (Anti-Erosion Plant).

We serve all areas in South Africa.

Suppliers of compost, growing medium, lawn-dressing, mulch & chicken litter - in bags, 30 dm3 or 60 dm3 or loose - per m3.

Suppliers of all grass seed varieties and seed mixes, in small or large quantities.

Maintenance and clearing.

Everyday domestic clients

Complexes, Durban complexes, individual homes, sports fields around KZN. South Coast, North Coast, the midlands. Golf courses, race tracks and factories.

Monthly maintenance (ongoing):

Sebs factory site, Freys food brands.


Suppliers of all grass seed varieties and seed mixes- in small or large quantities.

Distribution channels:

We will deliver the turf using all our own transport. As we have our own transport in place we are not dependent on sub-contractors so reliability is not affected.

Market overview

This product is currently sold to developers, the roads department, civil contractors; landscapers and a huge domestic market. We also supply for collection.

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address: Barker Farm, District Road 234, Camperdown